A solution-based platform that nurtures future-proof thinking - from crop to cloth

We believe that everyone has a role to play in accelerating transformation in the fashion industry, we use our captivating stories as the inspiring gateway to leveraging best practice implementation at every stage of the textile value chain - from farmer to consumer.

Our Mission

We believe that showcasing sustainable solutions in the fashion industry and making the business case for sustainability will transform current unsustainable consumption and production practices towards more responsible ones over the next decade.

“ I believe this project will serve as a needed step, to open eyes and hearts to the power of reality that our choices matter. ”

— Andrew Morgan, Director of the movie The True Cost

The story so far...

  • We won the Textile Exchange Innovation Award in Washington DC, October 2017
  • We launched our pilot in the USA
  • We filmed 12 stories in late 2017
  • We've partnered with 3 leading organisations in the sustainability sector (Fashion Revolution, Forum For the Future, PAN UK)
  • We were guest speakers at the Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference in Washington DC, October 2017
  • We were guest speakers at the Cotton Conference in Bremen, March 2018
  • We were guest speakers at the BCI conference in Brussels, June 2018
  • We are preparing for our launch in late 2018...