Turning Off the Tap On Fashion’s Wastewater

Imagine a fashion industry in which there is no dumping of excess chemicals into our water supplies, an industry that no longer pollutes the world’s water resources… Enter Dipak Mahato and his company SeaChange technologies: he has created a revolutionary water purification system that could be the solution to the textile and many other industries’ water problem.

The SeaChange process has the ability to eliminate effluent waste and reduce the mass of waste by up to 95%. It does this by turning contaminated water into a vapor, separating the contaminants from that vapor and then releasing the clean water vapor into the atmosphere. What SeaChange has created represents a game changing technology that has the ability to reduce the waste of a company almost completely overnight.

Greetings from: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

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Thanks to Wrangler for introducing us to Dipak’s story